Medicine of the Earth -

Nazahah is a healer trained in traditional healing medicine including clinical herbalism, Mayan and Huichol plant and spiritual medicine, 5 Element Chinese medicine, Energetic and Spiritual Healing and more.  She comes from a lineage of spiritual healers from Mexico and is a Curandera Espiritu, one who has “sight”.

Energetic Sessions -

Energetic healing helps remove blocks, clearing energy bringing the body into balance experiencing renewed energy.  These sessions help facilitate healing in the body on all levels.

Medicine of the Earth -

“For every illness, there is a plant to heal it”.  Herbal medicine is using the plants and food we have been given to bring our bodies back in alignment for healing.  Herbal consultations for all your health needs with custom herbal formulations available.

Cancer -

The healing journey of cancer focused on helping one navigate through all stages with guidance and love.  An integrative approach to help support your healing with herbal medicine, supplements, nutrition, education and more.