Studio Protocol

Whether you are here for indoor cycling, yoga, barre, or sculpting, we try to create an environment that allows each person to get the most of out their time at Napa Valley Soul. To achieve this, we ask that you help us with a few items of studio protocol as respect to your neighbor and teacher.

1. No Cell Phone Use in the Studios – Including Email and Text
If you are a doctor or have an immediate family member that is sick, please leave your phone at the front desk and we can get you if there is an emergency. A full conversation, the sound of typing or the glow of a cell phone screen can be very distracting to your neighbor.

2. No Talking During Class
Please chat with friends before or after class. Cross-talking during class can be very distracting to your neighbor and to the teacher.

3. Promote a Fresh, Clean Environment
We ride, move and stretch very close to each other in class. Please come to the studio in freshly laundered clothes and avoid heavy perfumes, colognes or smoke that your neighbor may have a sensitivity or an allergy to.

We ask that  Men keep there shirts on as sweat does fly everywhere.Your neighbor will appreciate not getting wet !!!!

4. Respect the Energy of the Class
In all of our classes, but especially indoor cycling, there is a direct correlation between your experience and the experience of your neighbor. If you would like to do your own thing rather than follow class, if you are still building up your endurance or if you have an injury, please position yourself in the back of studio. If you have to leave class early, please let the teacher know before the start of class.

5. Treat Others as You Would Like to Be Treated
At Napa Soul we want each client, staff member and instructor to feel appreciated and respected. Please be conscious of how your energy is affecting your neighbor. If you have an extra minute, please take the time to wipe down your bike or mat after class.

6. Have Fun!
For many of you, your time at Napa Soul may be the only time in your day that you can workout or focus on yourself. Enjoy this time and give it your all!


Minimum Age 

Students must be 17 years of age to participate in spin classes

Cancellation Policy – All Classes and Private/Semi-Private Sessions
Students who late cancel or fail to show up for a scheduled class will be charged the drop-in rate for the missed class.  Those students who wish to purchase a monthly unlimited card must have a credit card on file.

  • For weekday 9 AM cycling classes, please cancel by 5:30 PM on the evening prior.
  • For weekend 9 AM cycling classes, please cancel by 4:30 PM on the evening prior.
  • For 6 PM cycling classes, please cancel by 1:30 PM on the day of the class.

Late Arrival for Spin Class

If you are not signed in for class 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time, your bike will be given to those on the wait list and you will be charged as if it were a no show.  If you call in advance to let us know that you will be late, after 10 minutes of your call and you are still not here we will also give your spot to those on the wait list.  Please be early to avoid any issues as we want to be fair to all of our students!